Tinker Island

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Island Survivals
Simple Control
Kill Time

You're a castaway on a lost island! Tinker Island is here to test your survival capabilities, all while showing you can you can easily become a leader in those stressful times. Start looking for treasures, create your own base and explore this mysterious island all while striving to stay alive.

The island isn't safe. There are lots of enemies and savage beasts ready to take on you and eliminate any sign of intruders as fast as possible. But as you explore the island, you will also find some new riddles. Solve all of them, and you will get to uncover the secrets of this island.

The gameplay involves swiping around and giving actions as you try to explore the island. This is a huge island, and there will always be some fun, incredible moments for you to explore. All your team has to forage resources in order to survive, and you have to stay alive for as much time as you can.

Since the island is very unsafe, you always need to do whatever you can in order to stay alive. Crafting tools and weapons is crucial and extremely necessary. It's the ultimate way to offer you some incredible gameplay results and the value can indeed be more than interesting and distinct because of that.

You're on your own there, and if you're not careful this could be your last day there. If you don't build up and upgrade structures fast, there will be no solution and no way out. This seems like a peaceful location, but it really isn't. You need to be very careful and you have to do all in your power to get rid of this issue the best way that you can.
Tinker Island is all about offering you control over a situation that can happen at any moment. It allows you to learn how to survive in a barren space, and how every resource counts. Plus, you get to see how useful crafting really is in this type of situations. It's all about having the best approach and harnessing the power to take things to new heights and eventually get off the island. Creativity is key, but so is your survival instinct. If you work hard and do all you can to stay alive, results can be nothing short of amazing!

Download Tinker Island and start exploring the island. See all of its glory and immerse yourself into the ultimate survival experience on mobile phones!


- Craft new tools and weapons
- Lead survivors and help them get out of this place
- Explore a large, beautiful world
- Get the resources you need to stay alive
- Unique, beautiful story
- Outstanding graphics