Who’s the best level designer?

by PlayMobo Team January 8 at 7:08

We've been following the progress of IGG’s match-3 game Sweet Maker for some time. Now, Sweet Maker Android version is launching. So if you aren't already playing it, you're a bit behind the curve. It's never too late to jump in though!

Now, you have a chance to try out the Custom Level Design feature. Remember to invite your friends to create, share, and challenge custom stages for endless fun!!!
Design Custom Level and win the rewards!
Duration: January 8th, 2018 -January 21th, 2018(UCT)

How to win rewards?

Download Sweet Maker from the app store:
You Must Follow PlayMobo and Sweet Maker at Facebook
Sweet Maker:
Play Sweet Maker and upload the relevant screenshot and write down your game's IGGID.( The checking way of IGGID: see pic 1&2)
DON’T FORGET to @ three friends in your post. You could check pic 5 to see the post sample.

The regulation to post a screenshot:
The custom level you challenged, no matter you clear or lost the level. ( After you reached level 16)  (see pic 3)
The level you designed.( After you reached level 32)  (see pic 4)

Choose randomly from the system (5 players):
1.ONE Apple 8 Plus (A1864) 64GB
2.ONE Kindle Paperwhite
3.ONE Paypal Cash $10
4.Two Paypal Cash Cards$5

Participation Award:
150 Coins, 2X Rockets, 2X Candy Rolls and 2X Lollipop

1.Everyone can share screenshots more than one time and Must follow the format (see pic 5); BUT if you uploaded the same pic twice or more, you will be counted to join the event once only.
2.The more screenshots and people you posted and tagged, the more opportunities you will earn our BIG rewards!
3.Any problem please send us a message.
4.We will post the result on Facebook within 5 working days after the event ends. About the 5 real rewards, please contact us to get the lucky rewards.


Special Note:
Pic 1&2: The checking way of IGGID
Pic 3: The custom level you challenged
Pic 4: The level you designed
Pic 5: Post sample

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